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Rochester Baptist Church

The Moat House

8 Crow Lane

Rochester, Kent ME11RF



Studio Opening Hours

By Appointment Only

Shoots and other services can be

booked at all times except

Sunday Mornings.

Contact me to make arrangements.




All images are copyrighted © 1999 Dawn O'Connor

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Selling your Photos



Ok so now you have 100's of photos in your portfolio and you want to start selling some!


There are many different ways you can sell your images. POD sites, thats Print on Demand sites such as


UK based   Photo4Me.


Australia has RedBubble


America we have Fine Art America



Just type Print on Demand into your search engine and you will find many more


Different sites tend to do better for one type of photography than another would, for example Photo4Me does very well for Landscapes whereas Red Bubble is good for more graphic type designs.  Take a look at these different sites and see whats been selling lately. You can of course upload to more than one. Some are free and others charge a small fee.  Pay attention to how much you are selling your images for and the cut that these sites will take.  I think its a mistake to sell cheaply.  I always think that if someone is going to be buying a piece of bespoke art then they don't want to pay Ikea prices!


Make sure you have suitable titles, keywords and descriptions on your images.


It may take a while before you make your first sale but stick at it and take the time to learn all you can from some of the other artists that are selling well.


Set up your own page on Facebook and use your Twitter account to promote your latest work of art. 



Stock Photography


I've never had much luck with selling stock images. Probably because I find the genre boring!  Taking photos of a garden spade or a tea cup and saucer in super crisp clean lighting is not for me but many others I know do very well with stock photos. They may only sell for a few pence in some cases but if you manage to get a great image it could sell over and over many times.


Some of the Stock sites have very strict guidelines for submitting your first images but once you are accepted thats it you are in.


Sites such as  Getty ImagesShutterstock and Corbis are good ones to try.


I recommend getting the free report offered below. It has some very good tips about stock photography.

News Worthy Photos


Street Photography as its commonly called could possibly earn you 100's or 1,000s of pounds if you have captured that exclusive image! Much more likely though is that you have captured a news worthy image that can be used in local or national news channels and publications.


Alamy is the big agency but there are many others such as Demotix and Cash4yourPix

This is a very handy guide and the FREE report really goes into Stock Photography and gives you 4 subjects you can get started on straight away.

Turn your photos into Cash

by Dan Feildman


All You Need is a Digital Camera, a Computer and an Internet Connection to Get Started 

FREE copy of 

“How to Make Money With Digital Photography” 

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