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Buying a Camera

I have aimed this page at folk who are just starting out into photography as more experienced photographers will I presume already know all the answers ;)



Buying your first serious camera is no easy task! Where do you start?


The first thing to consider is what you are going to use it for.

Is it going to be for family snaps or would you like to develop your hobby further in time?

What is your budget and how much are you prepared to spend on your hobby overtime.


When I first started looking I had a budget of £100 and bought a small non DSLR type which even after only a couple of days I realised was a mistake! No viewfinder and I had very little control over it and what were all those scene modes!


That went straight back and I bought a "Bridge Camera" this was a bit better ok so still not a DSLR but it had a viewfinder and manuel modes. I'm not going to name names here as my choice of brand is mine and mine alone. What I will say though is research the different brands carefully especially if you are jumping straight in and going for a DSLR camera as often its all the extras you need that will push the initial cost right up.


Go to a local camera store and try a few out, see how they sit in your hand, does it feel comfortable? Could you carry it around all day without it breaking your neck?

Check out the functions, does it have all you need?

These days most of the newer cameras are well big enough with regards to file size which is an important factor to consider if you are intending on selling your images but do check, anything over about 5 mega pixels is good for a start but bigger is better. Most selling sites like anything up to approx 20 MP.


My favorite site for getting a good honest review is D P Review







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